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21 Administrative Will Clauses (26 Pages)

Regular Price: $ 129.00

Special Price: $ 99.00

PLEASE NOTE: The price of the of ALL (21) Administrative Will Clauses To Address 9 Key Drafting Issues is just $129. Alternatively, Will Clause(s) to address each drafting issue may be purchased individually for $19 per form.
In order to purchase Will Clauses individually, please click "Will Clauses" category on the homepage and scroll down the page.

3 Subchapter S Trust Forms (43 Pages)

Regular Price: $ 128.00

Special Price: $ 99.00

SAVE when you purchase 3 Subchapter S Trust Forms which includes:  Electing Small Business Trust (13 Pages), Qualified Subchapter S Trust (16 Pages), and Voting Trust Agreement (14 Pages).   

Buy-Sell Stockholders' Agreement: Entity Purchase (19 Pages)

Regular Price: $ 59.00

Special Price: $ 49.00

Mr. Siegel, who wrote, and uses for his clients, this Form, advises that these buy-sell agreements are now more attractive to clients. Specifically, he says:
"Since the 2017 Act repealed the corporate alternative minimum tax, the prior law making life insurance payments owned by a corporation and collected at death to facilitate a buy-sell an AMT tax preference is over. That discouraged some C corporation entity purchases. They may be more favorable now."

This is an entity purchase Stockholders’ Agreement whereby the Corporation is the purchaser of the stock of a deceased or disabled stockholder. The Agreement addresses a number of situations where a stockholder may wish to sell his or her stock, namely a sale to a third party, death and permanent disability. Article IV gives the corporation first, then the remaining stockholders, a right of first refusal to purchase the shares of a stockholder wishing to sell. Note that the price indicated here for the “insiders” to buy is the lesser of the third-party offered price or the agreed-upon price for the stock included in the Agreement. If desired, that could be changed to force the insiders to meet the offered price.
Irrevocable Trust For Multiple Children Or Grandchildren With Crummey Powers (16 Pages)

Regular Price: $ 89.00

Special Price: $ 69.00

This is an irrevocable trust created by a grantor for the benefit of multiple minor beneficiaries. It is suitable to be used for the benefit of children or grandchildren. This version speaks to grandchildren, but children can be readily substituted without other modifications. Notably, this trust contains a Crummey right of withdrawal which is designed to give the beneficiaries a present interest in the trust which, in turn, allows the grantor to claim the present interest gift tax exclusion for gifts made to the trust. Unlike a Code Section 2503(c) trust, this Trust does not require that the trust property be distributed to the beneficiaries at age 21. The presence of the Crummey power makes a required distribution at age 21 unnecessary.

Revocable Trust For Digital Assets And Program Awards (28 Pages)

Regular Price: $ 99.00

Special Price: $ 79.00

This Form creates a revocable trust for the specific purpose of allowing access to the digital assets and program rewards of the trust grantor. Many people store significant information on their computers and other devices that is difficult or impossible to access by third parties. Many do not create and maintain lists of information to allow others to reach this information. 

This Form addresses those situations by providing comprehensive authority to allow a trustee access to the digital assets and program rewards of the grantor, should that become necessary. This is preferable to using a Codicil to address these assets, since a Codicil would require complying with legal formality every time a change is made. Here, revised schedules can simply replace discarded ones with no formality required.
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