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11 Retirement Plan Beneficiary Designation Forms (11 Forms, 32 Pages)

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SAVE when you purchase all 11 Retirement Plan Beneficiary Designation Forms (11 Forms, 32 Pages).

A person’s Retirement Plan Beneficiary Designation Form is an estate planning document of equal importance with a Will or a Trust. It is not unusual for a person to transfer more wealth by the terms of such a Form than by a Will. The disposition of a person’s retirement plan assets is controlled and determined by what the Beneficiary Designation Form says, regardless of what may be written in a Will or Trust. There are far too many cases and examples in the law of ignored, or poorly written or hastily prepared Beneficiary Designation Forms leading to unnecessary and unwanted acceleration of retirement plan benefits, disposition of assets to unintended beneficiaries, such as former spouses or minor children, higher than necessary payments of estate taxes and income taxes, and a reduction or loss of the tax-deferred status of plan benefits.

These concerns can be avoided by a properly drafted Beneficiary Designation Form that is reviewed and revised (if appropriate) from time to time to address the client’s changing life and financial issues, as well as changes in the law.

Alternatively, each form may be purchased individually.
Electing Small Business Trust (13 Pages)

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This Trust is an Electing Small Business Trust, i.e. a Trust created to follow the rules and requirements that allow this Trust to be treated as a valid Subchapter S corporation shareholder. The Electing Small Business Trust is often used in estate and/or income tax planning where S corporation owners wish to transfer some of the Subchapter S corporation shares, but do not wish their children to gain any control over the corporation (hence no outright transfer) or be obliged to receive annual distributions of income (as would be the requirement if a Qualified Subchapter S Trust were created). The “ESBT” allows more control of the stock and its income by the Trustee. The Trust may also hold property other than the shares of a Subchapter S corporation.
Retirement Distribution Case Studies (62-Page Book)
$ 59.00

Released September 12, 2017 - Written by Steven G. Siegel.
Click the above "Learn More" button to read the Table of Contents, several Sample Pages and Mr. Siegel's curriculum vitae.

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