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2 Disability Forms (12 Pages)

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Disability Buyout Agreement (6 Pages)
This Form is a Disability Buyout Agreement. It is designed to allow the purchase of the interest of a person who has an ownership interest in a business enterprise in the event of his or her total disability. It is often (but not always) funded in whole or in part by a disability insurance policy.

Disability Insurance Reimbursement Plan (6 Pages)
This Form is a Disability Insurance Reimbursement Plan to be provided by an employer to selected employees. It is designed to allow the employee to pay for his or her own disability insurance on an annual basis...

Alternatively, each form is available for individual purchase.  Click the desired title above or select Employment/Labor Law on the homepage of www.NLFforms.com.

5 Medicaid Planning Trusts (46 Pages)

Regular Price: $ 185.00

Special Price: $ 129.00

SAVE when you purchase all (5) Medicaid Forms.

Click "Learn More" above for more information about our 5 Medicaid Forms.  Alternatively, each Medicaid Form may be purchased individually.

Dynasty Trust (34 Pages)

Regular Price: $ 99.00

Special Price: $ 79.00

This Form is a Dynasty Trust, intended to be created for the benefit of the children and more remote descendants of the Grantor, and designed to be a perpetual trust. Ideally, this trust is created in a State that has repealed the rule against perpetuities, thus allowing for the perpetual duration of the trust.

Intellectual Property Law (66-Page Book)
$ 39.00

Released October 25, 2017 - Written by Michael J. Hutter, Esq.
Click the above "Learn More" button to read the Table of Contents, several Sample Pages and Mr. Hutter's curriculum vitae.

Irrevocable Trust For Child Or Grandchild Under IRC Sec. 2503(c) (24 Pages)

Regular Price: $ 69.00

Special Price: $ 59.00

This is an irrevocable trust designed to be used by a grantor to make gifts to minor children or grandchildren. 

This trust is designed to benefit multiple children or grandchildren. Each beneficiary will have a separate share in this trust. The trust is specifically designed to meet all of the requirements of Code Section 2503(c) which allows the gifts to the trust to be eligible for the grantor’s present interest gift tax exclusion, despite the fact that income and principal may be held in the trust until the beneficiary has attained age 21.

Will Outright To Spouse Then Held In Spendthrift Trust (17 Pages)

Regular Price: $ 59.00

Special Price: $ 49.00

This Will leaves all property to the surviving spouse. If there is no surviving spouse, the property is left in trust for a child or children, for a duration of 15 years (There is no “magic” to the 15 years here – this Form can be modified to a different duration of years for the trust to run).  This is an ideal trust for a client who is concerned about a child, grandchild or any other beneficiary, running through their inheritance.

The trustees are authorized to pay income and principal to or for the benefit of the child, but such payments are capped at $15,000 per year. (There is no "magic" to the $15,000 here - this Form can be modified for different annual amounts.) When the 15 year term is up, the trust property passes outright to the Beneficiary. If the Beneficiary does not survive to inherit, or survives but dies before the 15 years have elapsed, the property passes to the descendants of the testator per stirpes. Article NINTH includes a spendthrift clause.

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