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California Joint Revocable (Living) Trust (47 Pages)

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Special Price: $ 79.00

This Form is a joint revocable trust for spouses prepared to comply with California law. It addresses what should be done with the trust property while both spouses are alive, and how the trust property is to be administered after the death of one spouse.


Click here - TABLE OF CONTENTS - for the 2-Page Synopsis Of Terms and the 5-Page Table of Contents.

Concerns About Beneficiaries Behavior Will Clause (2 Pages)

Regular Price: $ 29.00

Special Price: $ 24.00

ISSUE: Concerns About Behavior of Beneficiaries.
 When a testator creates a trust for young beneficiaries, or a potentially long-term trust for such beneficiaries, the testator may express concern that if the beneficiaries exhibit what the testator would consider inappropriate behavior, payments for that beneficiary should be suspended.
1 Clause To Address The Following Issue:
CLAUSE 1: Suspension and Resumption of Payments to a Beneficiary Exhibiting Bad Behavior.

Disinheritance of Potential Beneficiary; Protection against Will Contest Will Clauses (2 Pages)

Regular Price: $ 29.00

Special Price: $ 24.00

A situation may arise where a testator desires to specifically exclude one or more persons from inheriting property under the testator’s Will. Since many wills refer to broad terms such as “children”, “issue”, “descendants”, “family”, etc., it is possible that the undesirable beneficiary will fall into one of these general categories. Simply omitting a person without discussion is often not an effective way to deny that person an inheritance. Accordingly, a specific reference to that person and a specific exclusion of that person as an heir becomes a necessary provision in the testator’s Will.

2 Clauses To Address The Following Issues:
CLAUSE 1: Disinheritance of Potential Beneficiary
CLAUSE 2: Clause to Discourage Will Contest – “In Terroram” Clause

GRAT (Grantor Retained Annuity Trust) (32 Pages)

Regular Price: $ 99.00

Special Price: $ 75.00

The GRAT remains a viable tax planning technique after the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Interest rates remain very low in 2019, keeping the GRAT calculation highly favorable. Planners should at least consider the “political risk” of changes in the law following the next national election. This suggests considering setting up a GRAT while it is still permitted, since proposals already being circulated by some candidates would limit or eliminate the GRAT opportunity.

Incentive Trust Provision (2 Pages)

Regular Price: $ 39.00

Special Price: $ 34.00

This is an Incentive Trust Provision. It is used in wills or trusts to create a specific reason for a distribution (or an additional distribution) for a beneficiary who reaches certain milestones. The milestones may be drafted either as a reward for positive action or as an incentive to avoid negative behavior.
*RELATED CLE COURSES: "Incentive Trusts", by Louis A. Mezzullo.  Go to www.nlfonline.com for the online course available 24/7 and to www.nlfcle.com for the course on Audio CD or DVD. On both web sites, for CLE credits, please click on your state (or any state if you don't care about getting CLE credits) and then, under "Estate Planning", and scroll down to this title.

IRC Sec. 199A Simplified (43-Minute Audio Recording)

Regular Price: $ 99.00

Special Price: $ 79.00


New IRC Section 199A - the 20% Qualified Business Income Deduction -  is one of the most important, and complicated, provisions of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. However, in this useful talk, Steve Siegel simplifies 199A by explaining that, for most of your clients you will be able to determine if 199A is available for them by following just three steps. He then thoroughly describes those steps and how to apply them. His presentation lasts approximately 43 minutes.  
1. The Purpose Of 199A
2. It Is Simplified For Most Clients Through 3 Steps
3. Is There A Trade Or Business?
    defined; guidelines; aggregation rules; independent contractors; 
    rental properties; Rev. Proc. 2019-7 safe harbor
4. What Is The QBI?
     sub S corporations; partnerships; REIT income 
5. What Is The Client's Taxable Income Without The QBI?
6. Determining The QBI Amount
7. Planning And Examples      
FREE  ~ 5 MINUTES: To hear - for free - approximately five minutes of this audio presentation by Mr. Siegel, please click here:  5 Minutes FREE.

UPON PURCHASE, The complete recording is immediately available in your online account for your unlimited reference. You may access your purchased recording whenever, and as often as, you wish.

**NO CLE/MCLE CREDIT: This program does not qualify for CLE or MCLE credits and no applications will be made to any state for such accreditations. If you are looking for CLE/MCLE courses, please go to www.NLFcle.com (courses on Flash Drive, CD and DVD)  and www.NLFonline.com (online courses).

Steven G. Siegel is president of The Siegel Group, which provides consulting services to attorneys, accountants, business owners, family offices and financial planners. Based in Morristown, New Jersey, the Group provides services throughout the United States. Mr. Siegel is the author of many books, including: The Grantor Trust Answer Book (2012 and 2013 CCH); CPA’s Guide to Financial and Estate Planning (AICPA 2012); and Federal Fiduciary Income Taxation (Foxmoor 2012). In conjunction with numerous tax planning lectures he has delivered for the National Law Foundation, Mr. Siegel has prepared extensive lecture materials on the following subjects: Planning for An Aging Population; Business Entities: Start to Finish; Preparing the Audit-Proof Federal Estate Tax Return; Business Acquisitions: Representing Buyers and Sellers in the Sale of a Business; Dynasty Trusts; Planning with Intentionally-Defective Grantor Trusts, Introduction to Estate Planning; Intermediate-Sized Estate Planning; Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid: Explanation and Planning Strategies; Subchapter S Corporations: Using Trusts as Shareholders; Divorce and Separation: Important Tax Planning Issues; The Portability Election; Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax: A Comprehensive Review; and many other titles. Mr. Siegel has delivered hundreds of lectures to thousands of attendees in live venues and via webinars throughout the United States on tax, business and estate planning topics on behalf of numerous organizations, including The Heckerling Institute on Tax Planning, CCH, National Law Foundation, AICPA, Western CPE, the National Society of Accountants, the National Tax Institute, Cohn-Reznick, Professional Education Systems, Inc., Foxmoor Education, many State Accounting Societies and Estate Planning Councils as well as on behalf of private companies. He is presently serving as an adjunct professor of law in the Graduate Tax Program (LLM) of the University of Alabama, and has served as an adjunct professor of law at Seton Hall and Rutgers University law schools. Mr. Siegel holds a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University (magna cum laude, phi beta kappa), a juris doctor from Harvard Law School and an LLM in taxation from New York University Law School.
Irrevocable Survivorship Life Insurance Trust With Crummey Powers And Sample Crummey Letter (33 Pages)

Regular Price: $ 79.00

Special Price: $ 50.00

This is an irrevocable trust whereby the grantors (generally husband and wife) transfer a survivorship (second-to-die) life insurance policy to the trust. The trust will be the owner and beneficiary of the life insurance policy. The objective is to remove the policy from the taxable estates of both spouses. This will be accomplished if the transferors live three years from the date of transfer (to the trust as owner and beneficiary) of an existing life insurance policy, or if they have the trust become the owner and beneficiary of the policy from its inception.

Also included is "A Sample Notice Of Crummey Withdrawal Rights" for the trustee to send to the Crummey beneficiaries whenever a contribution is made to the trust.
Joint Living Trust (73 Pages)

Regular Price: $ 99.00

Special Price: $ 79.00

This Form is a comprehensive - 73 Page - Joint Living (Revocable) Trust created by spouses.  


Click "TABLE OF CONTENTS" immediately below to see the 8-page Table Of Contents of this extensive document. Doing so will show how this trust has provisions covering virtually every conceivable contingency.




Each spouse contributes property to the trust, which is considered their own tenancy in common property, unless otherwise designated. Each spouse can revoke his or her contributive share. Each spouse has unrestricted access to his or her contributed property.
The spouses are the Trustors and Trustees of the trust. A Special Trustee may be named to protect the trust’s financial resources (Art. 3).

Trust Protector Provisions (2 Pages)

Regular Price: $ 49.00

Special Price: $ 39.00

This Form is a Trust Protector clause. Many trust grantors are concerned that events will occur after a trust has been created that were unanticipated when the trust became effective. This may occur either with an irrevocable lifetime trust or with a trust that becomes effective in a person’s Will. Perhaps a beneficiary may become incapacitated or act in an unexpected or undesirable manner. Perhaps a selected trustee will prove to be a bad choice

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