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Estate Planning

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ALL 61 Estate Planning Forms (61 Forms, 686 Pages)

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Special Price: $ 1,834.00

Save $786 when you purchase ALL 61 Estate Planning Forms. Click "Learn More" for the complete list of forms included.

24 Clauses For 8 Estate Planning Opportunities After The 2017 Tax Cuts And Jobs Act (45 Pages)
$ 269.00

The passage of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has heralded a new era in estate planning. The greatly increased transfer tax exclusion to $11.18 million, indexed for inflation, is effective from 2018 through 2025, when it is suspended, and returns to the 2017 levels, indexed for inflation. Taking into account political risk, the opportunity to take advantage of the 2017 law could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Portability is retained. Estate tax planning is “simplified” for many people. Seeking optimal income tax basis adjustments is a goal for everyone. 

FORM: The SECURE Act: Special Retirement Plan Disposition Clause For Separate Shares For Inclusion In A Will Or Trust: Separate Handling Of Retirement Plan Distributions In Separate Shares For Beneficiaries In Sub-Trusts Which May Be "Stretched-Out"
$ 69.00

Note: As the result of the SECURE Act, there are separate provisions required for beneficiaries who are minor children of the grantor/testator, disabled beneficiaries, chronically ill beneficiaries, beneficiaries who are less than 10 years younger than the grantor/testator, and all other beneficiaries, whether related to the grantor/testator (such as grandchildren) or not.

10-PAGE WRITTEN DETAILED EXPLANATION (With 10 Useful Examples and Many Practical Planning Tips): The SECURE Act: A Retirement Plan Distribution Game-Changer
$ 19.00

To assist you in understanding the SECURE Act, Mr. Siegel has written this expanded 10-page explanation which includes the following:  

- Major Changes in Rules Allowing Stretch IRAs
- The New Beneficiary Category – The Eligible Designated Beneficiary
- Important Planning Note for Disabled and Chronically Ill Beneficiaries
- Other Beneficiaries – Not Characterized as Eligible Designated Beneficiaries
- Conduit Trusts
- Accumulation Trusts
- What Needs To Change?
- Planning Alternatives

4 California Specific Estate Planning Forms Bundle (73 Pages)
$ 186.00

SAVE $37 when you purchase all (4) California Estate Planning Forms.

Click "Learn More" above for more information about our 4 California Estate Planning Forms.  Alternatively, each California Estate Planning Form may be purchased individually.

5 Medicaid Planning Trusts (46 Pages)
$ 139.00

SAVE when you purchase all (5) Medicaid Forms.

Click "Learn More" above for more information about our 5 Medicaid Forms.  Alternatively, each Medicaid Form may be purchased individually.

5 Irrevocable Trusts (85 Pages)
$ 185.00

Click "Learn More" above for more information about our 5 Irrevocable Trusts.  Alternatively, each Irrevocable Trust may be purchased individually.

10 Marital Deduction Clauses (6 Pages)

Regular Price: $ 114.00

Special Price: $ 89.00

SAVE when you purchase 10 Marital Deduction Clauses including:

- Administrative Provisions (Directions to the Fiduciary) - 3 CLAUSES
- Marital Fractional Share Formula Clauses - 2 CLAUSES
- Pecuniary Credit Shelter for Use in a Will
- Pecuniary Formula Clauses - 2 CLAUSES
- Pecuniary Marital Deduction Formula For Use in a Will
- Pick And Choose Fractional Share Marital Deduction Formula For Use In A Revocable Trust  

*Click "Learn More" for a description of each.

113 Estates, Gifts And Trusts Terms (11 Pages)
$ 0.00

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You do NOT need to enter any credit card information unless you are purchasing other forms. 

If you provide estate and/or trust planning, you know that it is necessary and important to explain many terms to your clients. Doing so can take up a lot of your time. This incredibly comprehensive glossary, prepared and used by Steve Siegel, will save you that time and build client goodwill.  Use this form as is or modify and personalize it for your estates, gifts and trusts clients.

2 Power Of Appointment Forms: Creation Of Power Of Appointment & Exercise Of Power Of Appointment (3 Pages)
$ 59.00

Consider how the power of appointment device can be used by contemporary estate planners to achieve important non-tax dispositive goals: flexibility, control, and creditor protection. As an example, Client wants to create a testamentary trust for Client’s Child for life, and then to Client’s Grandchildren. Client does not like the rigidity that would result if the remainder interest was simply left to Grandchildren. Rather, he wants Child to decide up until his death how the trust principal will be enjoyed by Client’s Grandchildren. 

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