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Will/Trust Clauses

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FORM: The SECURE Act: Special Retirement Plan Disposition Clause For Separate Shares For Inclusion In A Will Or Trust: Separate Handling Of Retirement Plan Distributions In Separate Shares For Beneficiaries In Sub-Trusts Which May Be "Stretched-Out"
$ 69.00

Note: As the result of the SECURE Act, there are separate provisions required for beneficiaries who are minor children of the grantor/testator, disabled beneficiaries, chronically ill beneficiaries, beneficiaries who are less than 10 years younger than the grantor/testator, and all other beneficiaries, whether related to the grantor/testator (such as grandchildren) or not.

15 Dispositive Will Clauses (19 Pages)
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21 Administrative Will Clauses (26 Pages)
$ 129.00

PLEASE NOTE: The price of the of ALL (21) Administrative Will Clauses To Address 9 Key Drafting Issues is just $129. Alternatively, Will Clause(s) to address each drafting issue may be purchased individually for $19 per form.
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4 Disclaimer Forms (22 Pages)
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5-PAGE WRITTEN GENERAL EXPLANATION: The SECURE Act: A Retirement Plan Distribution Game-Changer
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The SECURE Act (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement) was signed into law on December 20, 2019, and is effective for deaths occurring in 2020 and beyond.  To assist you in understanding the SECURE Act, Mr. Siegel has written this useful 5-page explanation.
Address the Possibility of Exposure to the Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax and Give the Fiduciary the Opportunity to Avoid the Tax by Creating a General Power of Appointment - 1 Clause (3 Pages)
$ 19.00

With all of the uncertainty in the federal tax laws about the amount of the exclusion from the federal estate tax, the amount of the exclusion from the generation-skipping transfer tax, and the future tax rates to be imposed – as well as the uncertainties inherent in life as to who may survive the testator and what may be the value of the testator’s estate at the time of death – it is helpful to include some “what if” provisions in the Will to address these uncertainties.

CLAUSE 1: Allow for Discretionary Allocations of the GST Exemption; Allow for the Creation of a General Power of Appointment for Skip Persons

Approval Of Accounting By Estate Beneficiaries (4 Pages)
$ 19.00

This is a Form of Approval of Account by Beneficiaries to be used in connection with the administration of an estate

Asset Protection from the Claims of Creditors Clauses - 2 Clauses
$ 19.00

There are essentially two types of asset protection available in a Will, namely spendthrift protection and discretionary trust protection. A spendthrift clause protects against the creditors of a beneficiary attaching the assets at the estate or trust level and forcing a distribution in satisfaction of the creditor’s claim. Discretionary trust protection is based on the fact that a beneficiary lacks an enforceable right to a distribution and has nothing more than an expectancy that cannot be attached by creditors.

2 Clauses To Address The Following Issues:
CLAUSE 1: Spendthrift Clause
CLAUSE 2: Discretionary Trust Distribution Language

Clauses To Protect the Estate Plan with Appropriate Simultaneous Death Clauses - 4 Clauses (3 Pages)
$ 19.00

While the simultaneous deaths of family members are admittedly a rare occurrence, they do sometimes happen. Such tragedies as auto and airplane crashes, home fires and explosions, etc. make it important to address the possibility of simultaneous death in every well-drafted Will. The laws of most states follow the Uniform Simultaneous Death Act which presumes that a person must survive another by 120 hours to be deemed to be the survivor. However, all of the states allow a Will to vary and/or override the presumption contained in the law, and set forth the testator’s own plan.
4 Clauses To Address The Following Issues:
CLAUSE 1: Simple Statement of Survival for Spouses: One with Least Property Survives
CLAUSE 2: Spouse with Fewer Assets is Deemed the Survivor; Others Must Survive 30 Days
CLAUSE 3: Spouse with Greater Assets is Deemed to Predecease Spouse with Fewer Assets; Others Must Survive 30 Days
CLAUSE 4: Spouses Assets Are Roughly Equivalent; Neither is the Deemed Survivor; All Beneficiaries Must Survive 30 Days


Concerns About Beneficiaries Behavior Will Clause (2 Pages)
$ 29.00

ISSUE: Concerns About Behavior of Beneficiaries.
 When a testator creates a trust for young beneficiaries, or a potentially long-term trust for such beneficiaries, the testator may express concern that if the beneficiaries exhibit what the testator would consider inappropriate behavior, payments for that beneficiary should be suspended.
1 Clause To Address The Following Issue:
CLAUSE 1: Suspension and Resumption of Payments to a Beneficiary Exhibiting Bad Behavior.

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